Sewage Lagoon Security System


Water is a finite resource, and protecting a small towns water supply is a big deal. Due to the location and set up of Alberton's water storage, the town was paying a considerable amount on liability insurance. As a foundation, and a committee, we chose to take on this project first, with the understanding that anything we endeavored to do might take a few years to accomplish. When we spoke with the town's water maintenance supervisor, he thought that a fence and security system around the water reservoir would be a great place to start. Due to the terrain in which a fence would have to be installed, the bids we received were astounding, and we were worried it would take quite some time to pull it off; but pull it off we did, in a manner of speaking. Though we were unable to get a fence installed, we were able to come through and get a state of the art security system in place with the help of Mountain West Dynamark Securities out of Missoula, and local Albertonian Joe Devlin, who donated his time to do the labor required to get the system installed.


Image coming soon.