Our Vision

Celebrating Alberton's past while working to improve its future.


Alberton Railroad Day was founded in 1985 with the initial purpose of raising money for the volunteer Fire Department by hosting an annual event to bring the town together to show their support. Over the past decade, Railroad Day has operated with the purpose of raising enough money to cover the annual event while still bringing the town back together. It is a time where locals who have moved away plan to make it home each year, it is a time to reminisce with old friends, to have class reunions, and to support local businesses.

Starting this year, 2017, we as a committee decided to build on the original purpose of Railroad Days. Our goal is to use this annual festival, not only to bring the town together, but as a means to raise money to improve our community in a healthy and sustainable way. Through donations, sponsorship and fundraising, we hope to raise enough money this year to help the town buy a security fence and camera system to install around the water reservoir. In doing this, we not only help to protect the towns water supply, but also to reduce what the town has to pay in liability insurance due to the hazards posed by the water reservoir not being properly secured.

From there, we plan to move onto our 3 year goal; to raise the 25% of costs required by the US Department of Agriculture in order to obtain a grant to enroll the Alberton School in the Farm to School program. For many of the local children who attend the Alberton School it is their best chance for the day to have healthy and nutritious meals. It is with this knowledge that the school keeps the kitchen open year-round to provide breakfast and lunch even during the summer. Upon enrollment in the Farm to School program, we as a community cannot only ensure the school has fresh produce year round, but we can also provide one or two employment opportunities.

 Local business, Alberton Feed & Supply, participating in the 2014 Alberton Railroad Day Parade.

Local business, Alberton Feed & Supply, participating in the 2014 Alberton Railroad Day Parade.